Words elsewhere

From time to time I write essays or articles for other websites or on-line magazines. Please contact me if you are interested in a collaboration.



In A Literary Masked Ball published in The F Word in June 2017, I consider the benefits or otherwise of using a pseudonym and force myself to confront my own preconceptions.


Ruthven LaneIn October 2016, I wrote Tower Blocks, Tenements and ‘Taps Aff’ as part of a literature and landscape series for Laurie Garrison at Women Writer’s School. In this essay, I explore the difficulties and delights of writing accents and dialect, and my fight to balance authenticity with accessibility for those who don’t know the accent and the constant danger of reducing dialect to pastiche.





IMAGE CREDITS: Masquerade by gajman, flickr; Ruthven Lane, nuklr.dave, flickr. Used with permission (Creative Commons).