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My first novel The Backstreets of Purgatory (in which Caravaggio wreaks havoc in modern day Glasgow) will be published later this year by Unbound.

My career to date has been somewhat eclectic, spanning the highs and lows of

  • tatty picking on the north east coast of Scotland while still at school (very lucrative but back-breaking)
  • a spell as a cook on the night shift in the canteen of the berry canning factory (I wasn’t asked back after I made the custard with salt)
  • the sleep deprivation of a junior doctor in Glasgow
  • a stint in Top Shop one Christmas where I was banned from operating the till
  • the thrills and spills (quite a few spills) of research science in Oxford, London and Glasgow.

I probably know more than is healthy about the malaria parasite but can’t tell my left from my right, and I have the singing voice of a tortured cat which somewhat thwarted my ambitions to be a rock star surgeon. Recently I added a collection of creative writing qualifications to my CV to indulge my passion for writing and feed my craving for academia, and which had the happy consequence of finally making me take my writing seriously.

You can find me on twitter @TaylorHelen_M tweeting about writing, science and general nonsense. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to contact me.